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Seeking professionals for collaborations

Reporting Agents
for pharmacies and commercial activities

Excellent compensation

We are looking for people who already have frequent contact with pharmacies and stores (pharmaceutical distributors, air conditioning installers, computer technicians, etc.) who can refer our products to the retailer.

The activity of closing the contract is not riciated but only the referral of our product. The next step and eventual sale will then be carried on by our sales department, without any need for further intervention of the referrer: in case of closing a sale a fixed fee will be recognized.

Commercial agents

Excellent commissions

We are looking for multi-firm sales agents who already have in their customer base companies in the field of pharmacies, tobacconists or large and medium distribution to cover the geographical areas currently left uncovered by our network for sales. Their task will be to contact customers and close the contract for the sale of the product.


Convenient discounts

We are looking for companies or freelancers operating in the following sectors: store supplies, luminous sign installations, pharmacy furnishings, or other similar activities, interested in becoming distributors of our products in the Italian and European areas currently lacking one of our distributors.

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