About BuyLed

High quality Led at a reasonable price

Over 40 years of experience in the LED market

Buy LED is a brand created by Euro Display Srl to bring a line of high quality LED screens at an affordable price to Europe.

Euro Display is an important company in the sector of LED screens, a sector in which it has been operating since 1978. 

Its strength is the fact that it designs, produces and sells patented LED screens for communication all over the world, with delivery times of 7/10 days (for standard products) having the raw materials always available in stock.

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Learn about LEDs and how they affect prices

Only 2 words about the LED which is the key component of the screen and influences the quality and the final price.

In order to have high reliability and to maintain the chromatic uniformity of the 3 RGB colors over time, the LED screen requires particular attention in the choice of LED: there are many types of LEDs on the market which, depending on the way they are built, they define the chromaticity, the beauty of the colors, the duration of the screen and the stability of the color over time.

The LED is mainly composed of DICE (the silicon semiconductor that emits light); its physical thickness defines the life and reliability of the LED: if it is too thin, the LED is of poor quality and low cost. Other key components are the wiring and plug contacts which can be made of different materials; the most used is copper; noble materials such as gold and silver make LEDs more reliable and stable over time, but they are very expensive, while less noble materials such as iron and steel make LEDs less valuable and economical. ).

The LED influences the final cost of the LED screen from 40% to 80% of the total value, based on the quality of the LED used and this underlines the operating limits of products that do not use the true quality of the LED.

Euro Display, thanks to over 40 years of experience in the field in the LED market has sought for its customers, high quality LEDs at a reasonable price as for the other components that make up the LED screen.

The led modules are produced in the Shenzhen facility.
The screens are assembled in both facilities, in Avigliana (ITALY) and Shenzhen (PRC), depending on the family of LED screens, to give its customers the highest quality at the best price / performance ratio.