Services and accessories

Discover BuyLed’s services for Customers

Startup and installation supervision

Upon request our technical staff will be able to come to you to supervise the installation of the screen and to carry out the technical training to the staff who will take care of the management and maintenance of the screen.

Support structure design and construction

Upon request, we can design and supply, the support structure of the screen. both indoor and outdoor, both fixed and mobile submit your needs to us and we will find a solution.

Extra Spare Parts

If you need extra spare parts for your screen we can supply all the parts you need, led modules, power supplies, receiving cards, sender cards, cables.

Video Processors

For both fixed and rental solutions we can supply the most suitable video processors for your needs.

Accessories for rental screens

For rental screens, we can supply all the necessary accessories: hanging bars, flight case, fixed and mobile structures for rental screens